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InvisiLight 10m (80x80) Module (ONT Jumper Cable Additional)

InvisiLight 10m (80x80) Module (ONT Jumper Cable Additional)

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InvisiLight®  Module Pre-terminated FTTx Module for Easy Deployment in Living Unit


  • Handles 900 µm InvisiLight Optical Fibre and the slack management for Tight Buffer Optical Fibre and the ONT jumper
  • Wall mounted compact module
  • Allows up to 40 meters to be dispensed on the bottom layer and up to 2.5 meters of 2 mm cord on the top spool layer (up to 1.5 meters considering a 3 mm cord)
  • Spool locking system to facilitate the jumper spooling out
  • RoHS-compliant; free from heavy metals and environmentally friendly
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