As an end-to-end cabling solution, we can also help sell and explain network designs by producing high-end, detailed graphics based on your requirements. This unique service includes:


  • Network Maps
  • Producing Maya software images from prototype ideas  
  • Instruction Data Sheets
  • Publication-quality photos of tools and equipment
  • Animated slides 
  • Slides/Display boards - A5 to A0 for exhibitions, conferences, presentations and training purposes

OPT Graphics Team are available to discuss your individual requirements. For more information call 01473 612188 or email 

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At OPT Services, we offer the advantage of tailored solutions for your telecommunications projects, specializing in the design and development of highly accurate tools and fibre management products. Whether your project requires custom fibre optic cables or a unique tool design, our dedicated team is ready to leverage the latest design software and manufacturing techniques to meet your specific needs.