3D Printing


Using 3D printing, OPT can turn your designs into reality. Just send us your design data for a quotation and when you are ready to order we will print it and ship it to you – it is as simple as that.

We have a range of 3D printers from brands such as Raise3D and Zortrax which we use for our own rapid prototyping of new products, but we will also use for any designs you may need printing.

Our 3D printing lab is fully climate controlled so we can ensure that the filament is stored in the correct conditions as well as reducing the risk of shrinking and warping in our printed parts.

We always makes sure to meticulously post process all of our parts to make sure that what you receive is exactly what you required without any printing artifacts and support materials in the way. We also have expert staff who will spend time fine tuning settings and designing support structures in order to guarantee your parts the best possible chance of a successful print.

This service is available to anybody, we supply to businesses and also individuals* who can benefit from the 3D printing process. 3D printing is best suited to low volume rapid prototyping applications so that a design can be perfected before it is sent to be manufactured with more durable methods such as injection moulding. The additive manufacturing method also allows for more complex parts to be created as opposed subtractive manufacturing.


We have a range of 3D printers all with their own strengths and weaknesses so we are prepared for any challenge.

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We are able to print in a range of different materials including PLA, ABS.

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How to design printable CAD models

Before sending us your models, have a look at our helpful guide to creating models which are ready to print with the best possible results.


*3D printing orders come with a minimum of £50 charge

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