Cable Installation Assessment

The UK underground duct network uses the industry standard blown network cable installation technique. This technique installs a cable into a pre-installed subduct which in turn is installed in the main duct network. This cable installation uses compressed air and mechanical equipment to pull the cable off the cable drum and insert it into the pressurised subduct network as shown below.

Fibre Optical Installation & Equipment Ipswich

OPT has replicated the Openreach underground fibre optical cable test route to allow potential suppliers of cable, subduct, and installation equipment to gain confidence in their product prior to formal submission to Openreach.

This pre-installed subduct route is 2km or more in length and is tortuous with multiple 90-degree bends. An underground blown fibre route is also available, again a close replica of the one used by Openreach.

Cable and fibre successfully tested in this way is then considered suitable for any underground network within the UK. 


The location provided by OPT has the following benefits:

  • Proximity to OPT’s operational units at Martlesham Heath.
  • Sufficiently remote from the Openreach test route at Martlesham Heath.
  • Secure entrance for vehicular access.
  • Off road parking and welfare facilities adjacent to the underground route.
  • Existing secure building for storing equipment and item(s) awaiting testing.     


Operation of the Test Site

All required duct, cable or equipment required is supplied by OPT. The facility is operated by fully trained OPT engineers, who would be available to operate the test route using the same techniques used at the Openreach test route. This means you simply cannot find better quality fibre optic cable equipment and  fibre optic cable installation services within the UK.

Data of the blowing operation is recorded at 25/50m intervals. This data enables an installation profile and full data capture is produced which becomes the sole property of the customer’s product or equipment under test. At the conclusion of the assessment the cable is recovered in a controlled manner back onto a cable drum. If required the cable, subduct or equipment can then be returned to the customer.

If the facility for assessing fibre cable, subduct or installation equipment interests you, then please contact OPT using the contact details bellow. We operate around Ipswich and Suffolk, so get in touch to see how we can help you today.



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