At OPT we are always thinking about the environment and ways we can reduce our negative impacts.

We already have some policies in place which have been created to minimize the company’s overall carbon footprint such as the cycle to work scheme which several employees have utilised, reducing the number of employees who commute to work by car. We also have a lot of signage around our facilities reminding employees of our energy reduction policies such as turning out the lights when not in use and keeping the heating between 18 and 21 degrees in the winter.

Action Plan

We have identified several areas of the business in which we could implement changes with the goal of reducing either our waste output, energy consumption or overall carbon footprint.

Some of our plans to reduce waste output include investing in a smaller number of reusable water bottles to replace the large quantity of single use plastic waste from disposable water bottles at our Newbourne testing facility. We also aim to offset our carbon emissions by reintroducing nature to the area such as planting wildflower seeds at the back of our new unit and speaking to the neighbouring business about creating a shared green area.

Green Mark

For 3 years we have maintained a Green Mark level 1 certificate and we are constantly looking to improve with the possibility of level 2 as well as gaining an ISO 14001 by 2025.

The Green Mark certification requires us not only to follow certain guidelines on minimizing our negative environmental impacts but also to create solid plans for future improvement. They can also give us expert advice on how we can improve our efforts as well as suggestions for certain actions we can carry out all in the name of becoming a more environmentally sustainable company. 

Green Mark Level 1 Certificate

Environmental policy

We have a detailed environmental policy which documents both our aims and what we are already doing to make sure that we are always being environmentally responsible and even making a positive impact.

Environmental Policy

Sustainability goals

  • Ensure that our Green Mark level 1 certification is achieved every year
  • Work towards Green Mark level 2 as well as an ISO 14001 by 2025
  • Reduce our waste output/energy and water usage per hour worked by 10%
  • Continue to offset our carbon emissions with initiatives such as allocating a community garden or green space

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