About us

OPT designs and produces high-quality cable management products and specialist equipment for the telecommunications industry. Yet we're more than just a cables and connectors provider. We're an end-to-end cabling solution.


We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products to help you deliver your next project on time and on budget. From small run and high-volume cable orders to high-quality specially-made bespoke products you'll receive a personalised service from our friendly team, structured to your requirements and budget.


The secret to our success is the people behind our products. Our director, Phil Barker, has a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry including a background in optical fibre infrastructure for British Telecom. And our specialist team knows your industry inside out, understands how to streamline the process, and will do everything they can to help.


One of the things that sets us apart - and keeps our customers coming back - is our flexibility. As well as providing the exact cable quantity you need, we use 3D modelling, prototyping, and manufacturing techniques to design bespoke products to your specification to help your project stay on target.

Got a project you'd like to discuss? Call us on 01473 612188.

Your Go-To Partner for Bespoke Fibre Optic Solutions

At OPT Services, we offer the advantage of tailored solutions for your telecommunications projects, specializing in the design and development of highly accurate tools and fibre management products. Whether your project requires custom fibre optic cables or a unique tool design, our dedicated team is ready to leverage the latest design software and manufacturing techniques to meet your specific needs.