Fibre Locking Mechanism

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The Fibre Locking Mechanism, also known as an Anti-creepage Device is a locking mechanism, necessary for 'loose' jacketed elements in an overhead cable; quite commonly used with 36f Ultra Lightweight Overhead Cable. The Fibre Locking Mechanism provides an effective solution that isolates the termination of the fibres, both spliced and connectorised in the fibre enclosure from 'in span' environmental loads such as ice and wind. 

The device is attached to the wooden telephone pole with 4 fixing screws and can be fitted in line on the pole. The mechanisms have been designed to form a bridge over other cables that are fitted on the pole providing ease of use. 


  • Lightweight  
  • Compact dimensions 
  • Nylon Plastic used, ensuring tough protection against adverse weather
  • Long life span 

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Fibre Locking Mechanism 

Dimensions (W x H x D)

100mm x 215mm x 75mm

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