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Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) - Internal

Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) - Internal

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The OPT Services Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) provides connectivity options inside customer premises as a fibre distribution point, with an aesthetic and minimised footprint.  Our CCCI can interconnect ONTs with routers and switches.

The compact design supports up to 4 x fusion splices within a flip-up splice tray and can be upgraded to support connectorised tails. The CCCI can be widely deployed as its flexibility allows for connection to a variety of cable designs.


  • The internal version of the Compact CCI is identical to the external type except for colour and the omission of the Wiper seal
  • When used internally, the Compact CCI is installed the same way as the external version
  • Mounting holes are also present to allow installation on a standard electrical backbox
  • The optional ONT Mount is a holder that clips securely to the internal Compact CCI
  • This variant is moulded in Self-extinguishing white ABS to match internal power & light fixtures


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Compact Customer Connection Interface

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118mm x 100mm x 29mm

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