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Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) - External

Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) - External

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The Compact Customer Connection Interface (CCCI) has been designed to provide an external building entry point and network test point, with an aesthetic and minimized footprint at the customer site. Supporting both greenfield and brownfield applications, the CCCI allows for a ‘no break’ upgrade, as the new box and fibre can be installed over the copper without disconnection.

The grey, UV-rated wall-mount box can be mounted at the customer right to the existing capping and over existing copper to limit the overall connectivity footprint.

The compact design support up to 4 fusion splices with a flip-up splice tray and can be upgraded to support connectivity. The CCCI can be widely deployed as its flexibility allows for connection to a variety of drop cable designs.


  • The External Compact CCI is designed to mount on a wall using the existing Capping 101 fixing holes. It will interface with the standard Capping 25. All fixings are hidden within the enclosure
  • A flexible ‘wiper’ seal is fitted between Backplate and wall for protection against moisture ingress
  • The Compact CCI provides a single cable input with four output cable options:
    o 2 x outside BT Capping 25
    o 1 x inside BT Capping 25
    o 1 x ‘Through the Backplate/wall’
  • The enclosure supports both underground and overhead cable feeds
  • The Compact CCI Front Cover is positively located using a moulded lug at the top and a single captive M3 x 8mm Panhead screw (with M3 Nylon retaining washer on the inside)
  • This version is moulded in UV stable grey ASA to be an aesthetic match to Capping 101
  • Cable ∅ max: 6.0mm
  • Cable ∅ min: 0.5mm
  • Connector Type: SC/LC
  • Fibre management for up to 4 splices

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    Customer Connection Interface

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    118mm x 100mm x 29mm

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