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96f (⌀ 5.2mm) MiDia Micro GX

96f (⌀ 5.2mm) MiDia Micro GX


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MiDia® Micro GX


Air-Blown Installation into Micro Ducts


  • Optical Fibres
  • Non-metallic Central Member
  • Gel-filled Buffer Tubes
  • Ripcord
  • PE-Sheath


  • Small tubes for a reduced outer diameter
  • Dry Core Design – Cable core water blocked by means of dry “water swellable” technology - for quicker, cleaner cable prep for jointing
  • Individual coloured tubes
  • Price per km
Fibre Type AW
Fibre count 96
Max. fibres/tube 12
OD (mm) 6
Weight (kg/km) 35
Minimum Duct size (ID) 8mm


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