2021 prices for in stock fibre optic cable....

Posted by Miles Berry on

As an approved Reseller in the UK for OFS cables we can offer the following cables in stock and ready to ship at new prices available on our website. These can be supplied up to 6km (2km for 36f) or if required cut and coiled to meet your exact requirements (subject to 1km minimum order quantity). If you cannot see what you need please visit our cut and coil page and get in touch on 01473 612188 or email us 

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COVID 19 - how we are getting through it

Posted by Matt Lovejoy on

We, as many other businesses across the UK faced uncertainty with the world going into Lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic on the 23rd March 2020. It was obvious from the beginning that we had to have a strategy in place to give us the best chance to make it through, with minimal risk to staff and the business.

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