Installations & Support

At OPT Services, we have a track record of undertaking a variety of fibre network installations using our dedicated and versatile support team. We can support new set ups as well as the testing and repair of existing connections at your site within the UK. We can audit and analyse links to provide fully documented test results. Because we supply cable, plant and equipment to the telecoms industry, our team is fully versed in many different cable and fibre types allowing us to match your requirements. 

Support Services - We can also offer:

  • A bespoke network design service
  • Qualified personnel with many years of experience in the telecoms industry
  • A team working across a broad range of projects and companies such as BTOR and the RAF, Altnets and Telcos
  • Public liability insurance that means we can undertake work for both Corporate and Private customers.
  • State of the art high quality equipment and tools such as fusion splicers and fibre optic testers.
  • We can supply and showcase our own termination kits, or use bespoke items from a range of suppliers (including Prysmian and OFS).

Complimenting the installation team, our graphics unit can create bespoke network maps and diagrams to illustrate your network solution.

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Your Go-To Partner for Bespoke Fibre Optic Solutions

At OPT Services, we offer the advantage of tailored solutions for your telecommunications projects, specializing in the design and development of highly accurate tools and fibre management products. Whether your project requires custom fibre optic cables or a unique tool design, our dedicated team is ready to leverage the latest design software and manufacturing techniques to meet your specific needs.