Bespoke Design Services

Need a particular product for your next project?

We use the latest parametric design software to quickly and accurately bring both in-house and customer designs to life.

We design and develop our products in-house, but also have outstanding relationships further afield in areas of CNC manufacturing and injection moulding.

Our main focus is for the telecommunications industry, we specialise in highly accurate tools to open fibre optic cables and all kinds of fibre management products (both internal and external). Many of our products can be found in use today up and down the country within the Openreach network.

We are a dynamic team with the ability to produce results fast. Contact us for more information.

We'd love to create a custom solution for your next project. Tell us more on 01473 612188 or speak to our team

Your Go-To Partner for Bespoke Fibre Optic Solutions

At OPT Services, we offer the advantage of tailored solutions for your telecommunications projects, specializing in the design and development of highly accurate tools and fibre management products. Whether your project requires custom fibre optic cables or a unique tool design, our dedicated team is ready to leverage the latest design software and manufacturing techniques to meet your specific needs.