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36f (⌀ 7.0mm) Ultra-Light Weight Overhead Optical Fibre Cable

36f (⌀ 7.0mm) Ultra-Light Weight Overhead Optical Fibre Cable

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Singlemode core cable for aerial short span deployment between telecom poles – 68m maximum under specified environmental conditions. Enables fast deployment to hard to reach areas typically found in rural access networks. 


  • Optical Fibres (AllWave® Flex Fibre)
  • Metallic Strength Elements
  • Dry encapsulated easy strip fibre units • Water blocking elements
  • PE-Jacket with Yellow Stripes


  • Ultra Low weight - Aerial cable
  • Circular profile - minimises environmental loading
  • Engineering breaking window.
  • PIA approved
  • Also suitable for placing in underground environment.
  • Dry Core Design – Cable core water blocked by means of dry “water swellable” technology - for quicker, cleaner cable prep for jointing
  • Price per km
 Fibre Type AW + Flex
Fibre count 36
OD (mm) 7
Weight (kg/km) 33
Minimum Duct size (ID) N/A
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