Benefits of Ultrafast Broadband / Full Fibre to the Home (FTTP)

Benefits of Ultrafast Broadband / Full Fibre to the Home (FTTP)

Improved house value

Studies have shown that a high quality broadband connection can increase the value of a house by up to 1% by providing the connectivity modern homebuyer demand. With bandwidth usage in modern homes increasing by 40% year on year, providing a modern fibre network will fulfil the data needs of potential buyers and provide an attractive benefit for your sales pitch.

Future proof infrastructure for the modern home

We’re not the only ones who believe fibre is the future for connectivity in the UK. The government has recently outlined it’s plan to reduce traditional copper cable usage, with the existing copper network eventually being removed and the nation’s phone calls and broadband running exclusively on fibre. Installing Full Fibre in your new builds means your houses will be futureproofed ready for the UK to be a fibre nation. Our fibre cables are also ready to take the products communications providers will be offering in the years to come, meaning homeowners can upgrade to brand new services quickly and easily.

Source Openreach: 2021

Open access with great choice

Openreach in the UK is keen and regulatory bound to provide an access network that any communications provider can run their broadband service. Numerous providers have already signed up to provide ultrafast broadband, with more on the way as demand for faster speeds and greater data usage increases. This gives your potential buyers a wide range of product choices ready to order on the day they move in.

Here at OPT we can supply developers with internal building fibre (EZbend InvisiLight) and installation kits. We have installed Internal fibre into many developments and have the expertise to help you with your projects.   


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