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InvisiLight 2mm Clip – (bag of 100) – 301151403

InvisiLight 2mm Clip – (bag of 100) – 301151403

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  • The 2mm Clip for fibre optic cabling is a design engineered, single component, taper lock system that is practically invisible when installed. They can also be used to fix other small cables (small signal, CCTV and alarm cables)


  • Super-fast fix in 6 seconds using just finger or thumb pressure
  • 100% compliance for FTTP & FTTH
  • Support 2.0mm diameter cabling
  • Soft bite to prevent damage to fibre optic cables
  • Single component, taper lock system in white finish spring steel
  • Optional fitting tool for tight corners eg wall-ceiling joins
  • Super-strong substrate grip
  • Melt point >1300°C

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2mm Clip

Dimensions (W x H x D)

210 x 67 x 67mm

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