InvisiLight Standard PoE

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The Compact Point-of-Entry (POE) Module serves as the transition point between the building hallway and the customer living unit.

Constructive Characteristics

Product specification  Invisilight® Compact POE Module 
 Size 04,08 and 12 250 μm EZ-Bend Optical Fibres in a 2 mm unit
Application Building or MDU hallways; risers if in OFNR duct
Install process Fibre adhered to wall or ceiling by an adhesive
Install materials Adhesive (in tubes) with precision pre-cut tip (fits in applicator tool) Inside and outside corner protectors, wall plugs and caps Pigtail, Mechanical or Slice on connector POE wall module outside tenant unit
Connectors Factory-terminated connectors for closet.  Mechanical or Fusion spliced connectors or splice pigtails for point of entry module 
Surface mounting Adheres to most common types of painted and unpainted indoor wall, moulding and ceiling surfaces
Corners Supports maximum 40 outside corners and no limit on inside corners
Spool lengths Available in various spool lengths and fibre counts
Slack management Point of Entry module has storage space for slack
Install conditions Temperature ≥10 °C for adhesive installation. No humidity restriction or preconditioning required
Operating conditions 5 °C to 43 °C
Standards UL listed OFN-LS and OFN-FT1. For in-between floors, in risers or through fire walls, it must be placed inside OFNR-rated conduits or ducts