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8mm / 0.75mm Fibre cable sheath cutter (Static Blade)

8mm / 0.75mm Fibre cable sheath cutter (Static Blade)

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The OPT Services Light Weight Cable Preparation Tool (T03) is a small handheld precision instrument employing a fixed blade and custom profiled Cassette mechanism. The Cassettes clamp over a cable to safely and accurately slit the sheath exposing the individual elements inside.

All our tools are designed and manufactured in the UK to very high standards and tested to provide a precise and long-lasting service. This tool comes with a life time guarantee for its fixed blades.

This tool is designed to be used with OFS 288f MiDia Micro GX but can be used on all micro 8mm optical fibre with a sheath wall thickness of 0.7mm.

If you have an alternative cable we can advise suitability and even perform tests to ensure 100% compatibility. Please contact us for more information.


  • Stainless steel static blades
  • Hard wearing glass filled plastic outer
  • Compact design
  • Manufactured and assembled in the UK

Product code  T0295
Tool Type Ø8.0 x 0.75t Sheath Stripper (Static Blade)
Dimensions  55 x 55 x 41mm
Weight (g) 71.5
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